About the 5th Floor

Vidt y Santa Fe, Palermo, Buenos Aires +54 11 48270366 Cel: +54 911 21818574

http://www.the5thfloorba.com      www.facebook.com/the5thfloorba

cropped-jacintayoungphotography-0242.jpgThe 5th Floor is a private Guest House in the finest area of Palermo. It sits tranquil above the noise and bustle of Buenos Aires, on the top two floors of a late 1930’s building. It was designed as the residence of the building’s original creator, a “Petit Hotel” in the Art Deco style, resplendent with an award winning marble and chrome staircase, stained glass windows and oak parquet flooring. It is currently undergoing a thorough refurbishment to restore it to its former glory while updating the facilities to ensure the utmost comfort.

This blog will be wide ranging, personal and at times opinionated. It’s aim is not to provide an A-Z travel guide but to give the visitor an overall feel for the great things this city has to offer, observations on porteño (Buenos Aires native) culture, Top Tips and suggestions for the perfect day out. It will also randomly cover my various other passions, including food and restaurants, music, my beautiful residence and what to expect if you come to be my guest.

And my first Top Tip: If you like cities, give yourself more time than you think you will need to get to know Buenos Aires! BA’s overseas marketing is still unsophisticated and frankly most rushed travel journalists still portray the city in terms of meat, tango, an irritatingly touristy street full of souvenir shops (Caminito) in La Boca and Malbec wine. In fact the city has undergone a cultural renaissance in the last 10 years. Even La Boca has recently added 2 major cultural centres that cater to all kinds of arts and whole new areas have sprung into life. The good news; once you are here most of these activities are either free or heavily subsidised and getting about is a giveaway, so you won’t blow your budget.

Sign up to the Ministry of Culture’s website: http://agendacultural.buenosaires.gob.ar/ before your trip to plot your entertainment agenda (for non-spanish speakers you should still be manage with google translate).

12 thoughts on “About the 5th Floor

  1. Where is your hotel?? Be very interested in having a look as we are currently here in BA. Booked for a week & are staying for 5. I’m a mad keen foodie & run pubs back in Australia & just did the chef Mun’s dinners last night at I Latino.


    • Hi Brett. Sadly won’t be opening until June, we are still in the middle of restoring it to its former art deco glory. Pity as you sound like my ideal client! Hopefully you will find BA as addictive as I do and be back next year. In the mean time get in touch if you need any tips or recommendations.

  2. Yes am finding the spice factor a real challenge here…so it’s easier to go to Chinatown & make my own curries, burgers & my favourite…banh mai although struggling to find a really nice crusty light baguette here. Went to chef Mun’s pop up at I Latino on Friday so that helped a little. Food suggestions are always welcome with me & in fact I’m thinking there is a massive gap in the market here.

  3. Hi Brett, the best chinese restaurants are surprisingly not in Chinatown. My favourites, Palermo, Shi Yuan (Tagle and Las Heras – for Roast Duck ring an hour before), Villa Crespo, Bai Fu (Scalabrini Ortiz 152), my normal delivery place though you have to go to the restaurant for their version of Beijing hot pot which made even my eyes water, Villa Crespo, Da Dong Fang Dian (Vera 468) for Dumplings. This blog http://thelostasian.com/category/eat/asian/ has reviews of the above and more including spicy Korean places. For Indian the only place I like is Tandoor in Barrio Norte but it is the real thing (Laprida 1293). The chinese generally have an Argentine menu and a chinese one, you know which to ask for! Always make clear that you want maximum spice. Also, don’t forget to go to the closed door Cocina Sunae (http://www.cocinasunae.com/) and tell them I sent you!

    Planning to write a post about baguettes and good coffee later today but in Palermo, Cocu (French) and In Bocca de Lupe (Italian) for good handmade breads and excellent coffee. Burger Joint is acceptable (see my post) for a quick burger too.

    There are lots of gaps in the food market here but tastes are changing very rapidly and I expect gastronomy to take off over the next decade. Hence why I am also training as a chef!

    Hope that helps.

  4. Great reply & thanks for the heads up…if your free in the next 2 weeks give me a shout & would love to have a coffee & chat.

  5. For a real baguette go to Le Pain Quotidien (best in town), corner calle Jeronimo Salguero and Gelly.
    For great, can be very spicy Thai food, Phuket on Honduras 4169.

  6. Hi Miles your new venture looks awesome, good luck with it. You look just the same have n’t aged a bit. My husband is MD of Christie & Co they deal with hotels all over the UK & Europe. Look them up. Need some pictures of Juan on here, does he still dance like Cortez?

    Much Love Sunita xxx

    • Hey Sunita, well this really is a blast from the past! Yes, I’m happily in BA, trying to finish my master work! Quite complex doing restoration here, on the one hand there are great artisans, furniture makers etc, on the other hand there are people who disappear for weeks the moment they have sufficient cash in their pockets! So running very late and very over budget, but I think the end result will be more than worth it. Anyway, the activity and change of profession certainly keeps one young! Also training as a chef so my weight loss has nothing to do with lack of nutrition. Haven’t seen Juan dance for a while….always was a frightening experience!! You should get yourself out here, BA is definitely the best city in the world at the moment! I don’t do twitter, do you have FB?

      Big kiss


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